North East Furs

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A community for Furs from the Northeastern United States and Eastern parts of Canada.
For this community, “North-East US” includes Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, and any other state/providence northeast of these locations.
As this is an open community, folks from other areas are also welcome to join, although it's likely their interaction in gatherings and conventions may be limited by their distant locations.

This is primarily an events bulletin board, so feel free to post information on meet ideas, upcoming events, etc...

A few quick guidelines.
Please Keep Images behind an LJ cut to save load-time for folks with slow internet connections.
Please be polite to one another and do not provoke trolls or flamers. Simply notify a moderator and we will have the post removed as well as take any other action we may feel is necessary.
If you feel something is in need of criticism, please use “constructive” criticism in your responses.
an example of “un-constructive” criticism would be “Your Idea for a Lake Michigan Gather in December is a Dumb idea.”
an example of “constructive” criticism would be “Your idea for a lake Michigan gather in December doesn’t seem like a good idea, but if you held the gather in august it might work out much better.”

Have fun and we look forward to hearing from you.