K'gra (kgraleopard) wrote in northeastfurs,

Tiny Paws Con in Danbury, CT - September 8-10, 2017!

Dealer registration is currently open until 11:59pm on February 14th. Dealers will have 2 weeks to complete their registration and reserve their hotel rooms. The hotel room block will open to the public on March 1st.
So what is Tiny Paws Con? Most of you have probably sussed we're a convention of some sort. And you would be correct! (Anything I say from here on out is not the strict gospel and may expand and morph as we proceed, but for now...) We will have dealers and tabletop gaming. Our focus (not to the exclusion of other topics) will be creativity. Does that mean this is a convention just for artists? Heavens no! Creativity comes in many forms—drawing/painting, writing, jewelry making, crafts, music, computer programming, sculpting, dancing, woodworking, acting, singing, cooking, and the list is almost endless--and we want to celebrate all of it, everything from Dark Natasha-level of detailed artwork on down to pipe cleaner animals. If you were a child prodigy of the bongos when you were three, if you managed to not eat ALL the glue in kindergarten, we want to celebrate the infinite imagination we are all capable of. We intend that most of our programming will revolve around hands-on creating for all artistic levels and all ages, as well as instruction and tips on all things furry. We also want social events involving creativity, including knitting/crocheting/sewing for charity—hats, mittens, scarves, blankets, and the like—or Stitch ‘n’ Kvetch as we’ve been referring to it.

And who are we? Tiny Paws Con is founded by the former co-founder and co-conchair of FurFright, K'gra Leopard, and Slidewolf, who served as her Assistant in the Dealers' Dungeon. Tabletop gaming is run by Spotweld, who ran the Gaming Department at FurFright for 10 years. The Expo with our spectacular dealers will be run by Tabbiewolf, using FurFright's template of great customer service and special treats for our hard-working dealers. Our Charity room will be run by Riismo, who held the same position for 10 years with FurFright. Our Programming Department will be run by Johnny Not-So-Sane, who served as a vital staffperson with FurFright for many years. Our Registration Department will be run by Inazuma, who is new to our crew but brings years of experience working with the public and for local charities.
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